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Mozambique, situated on the East Coast of Africa, was a Portuguese Colony. The Portuguese found these peppers to contain more heat than what they found in India and other Asian countries. The African ‘Bird’s Eye Pepper’ as it is correctly known; is now grown  across the lower two-thirds of the continent, it’s commonly cultivated in and around Zambia and Zimbabwe.  

South Africa

South Africa – regarded as Rainbow Nation – and foods known to be ‘Rainbow Cuisine’.  Migrants from Egypt, Syria and Lebanon and slaves and servants from Malaysian, Indian and Indonesian countries who were brought to South Africa in the 19th and early 20th centuries brought their recipe and adapted it to the available spices in their cooking.  The Birds Eye Pepper influenced the unique flavors that make cooking in South Africa unique, thus referred to as “rainbow cuisine.” It is a mixture of indigenous African dishes, the cooking of Dutch and English settlers.

‘Birds Eye Pepper’; is grown mostly in Mozambique and surrounding areas – on the East Coast of Africa.  The name is derived from Swahili language– Piri Piri – it’s the sound of the birds feasting on those peppers. Mozambique Spice Company has formulated the Peri Peri Blends and Spice maintaining the authenticity and have it manufactured and bottled in the USA

Mozambique Spice Company has sourced the original ‘Birds Eye Pepper’ and are proud to offer the sauces as an Authentic Peri Peri Sauce

No Artificial Flavors & Colors

No Allergens

Gluten Free